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Destination Development: As a global developer Big Bear focuses on large scale residential & resort oriented projects. Created truly unique properties that are complete in every way from signature golf courses, marinas, private airports, medical centers, commercial components and single and multi-family home sites. The uniqueness of our business model is to enrich the local population with our apprenticeship programs. One of these program is training local tradesmen in all building techniques allows Big Bear to build from within and keep loyal hardworking persons employed long after the project is completed.

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Belize News:

Over 45? Thinking of semi or full retirement options? Belize has an excellent investment program for people such as you and I. Check it out below; and if you are looking for land, a home or a business opportunity. Let us help you. We have relationships with the very best Developers, Realtors and Business brokers on the ground in Belize right now!

Five reasons You'll Love Belize.

Five Common Myths About Belize Busted - an Excellent report from Shannon Kaiser.

Myth 1: Belize is a Caribbean Island.
Myth 2: Belize only boasts Bare-Bones Lodges
Myth 3: The Cuisine is Latin American
Myth 4: Mayan Ruins Are Not in Belize.
Myth 5: Belize is Boring.

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Bahamas News:

Official Site of the Bahamas

Top ten tips for living life in the Bahamas!

How hard would it be living in the Bahamas