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Women in Construction: Navigating a Male-Dominated Industry

In a world where gender equality is gradually taking center stage, women continue to break barriers and conquer traditionally male-dominated fields. The construction industry is no exception, and although it has long been recognized as a male-centric profession, women have been making significant strides in various roles, from architects to engineers, project managers, and skilled laborers.

Big Bear Developers, an international custom home builder, designer, and commercial developer, is a firm believer in diversity and inclusion. This post aims to shed light on the growing presence of women in construction, the challenges they face, and how Big Bear Developers supports and promotes women's empowerment within the industry.

A Historical Perspective

Women's presence in construction isn't new, but it has been vastly underrepresented for much of history. During World War II, women took up roles in shipyards and factories, filling in for men who were away at war. But when the war ended, so did most women's employment in the industry.

Fast forward to the present, and women now comprise approximately 10% of the construction workforce in the United States. The progress has been slow but steady, and women are continuously proving their mettle in the field.

The Challenges

Despite the positive strides, women in construction still face unique challenges:

  1. Gender Stereotypes: Preconceived notions that construction is a "man's job" can lead to doubts about a woman's ability to perform certain tasks.

  2. Lack of Representation: With a limited number of women in the industry, a lack of mentors or role models can be a barrier to entry.

  3. Workplace Culture: Some women may experience a non-inclusive work environment, which could hinder collaboration and growth.

  4. Wage Gap: Although the wage gap in construction is smaller than in other industries, it still exists, with women earning on average 95.7 cents for every dollar earned by men in the same position.

How Women Are Navigating the Industry

Despite these challenges, women are not only entering the construction industry but thriving in it:

  • Education and Training: Many women are pursuing degrees in construction management, engineering, and related fields, equipping themselves with the skills needed to succeed.

  • Networking and Support Groups: Organizations like the National Association of Women in Construction provide support, education, and networking opportunities.

  • Leadership Roles: Women are taking on leadership roles in companies, influencing policy, and fostering a more inclusive culture.

  • Emphasizing Soft Skills: Women often bring essential soft skills like communication, collaboration, and empathy, contributing to better teamwork and project success.

Big Bear Developers: Supporting Women in Construction

At Big Bear Developers, we recognize the importance of diversity in our workforce. Our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment extends beyond mere words:

  • Equal Opportunity: We believe in equal opportunity for all, regardless of gender. Our hiring practices reflect this commitment.

  • Promoting a Healthy Work Culture: We emphasize a workplace culture that encourages collaboration, respect, and inclusivity.


The construction industry, though still male-dominated, is changing. Women are not only making their mark but also enhancing the industry with their skills, perspectives, and determination. There are challenges to be overcome, but with the right support, education, and opportunities, the future looks promising.

Big Bear Developers is proud to be a part of this positive change, creating opportunities and fostering an environment where women can thrive. If you're a woman looking to explore a career in construction or a client seeking a forward-thinking partner for your construction needs, Big Bear Developers is here to support you.

Embrace a future where gender doesn't define your role in construction. Partner with Big Bear Developers and be a part of the change. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to diversity and how we can help bring your vision to life.

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